Business Etiquette in China

Business Etiquette in China pic
Business Etiquette in China pic
Business Etiquette in China

Kent McCarthy is the president of Jayhawk Capital Management, an investment firm that has invested in businesses based in China for 20 years. Kent McCarthy also supports charities in China that help children through funding heart surgeries and assist with adoptions.

Business professionals in China adhere to a set of etiquette rules that have some marked differences from those of professionals in the United States. For example, when exchanging business cards, Chinese businesspersons expect a card to be accepted with a slight bow. It is also considered bad manners to immediately store a business card inside a wallet without taking the time to study it, even if the information is not written in a language that the recipient understands.

Professionals in China also take rank and seniority very seriously when conducting business. It is important to address the eldest and most high-ranking company employee before all others when greeting Chinese business people for the first time.

Additionally, when entering a conference room or other meeting place, business professionals should enter the room according to rank within the company. Chinese business people will consider the person leading the group into the room as the foreign company’s senior member.


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