New School of Business Building at KU

University of Kansas pic
University of Kansas pic
University of Kansas

Kent McCarthy is the founder and president of alternative investment firm Jayhawk Capital Management. Kent McCarthy and his wife, Missy, made a $1.25 million gift toward the construction of a new school of business building for the University of Kansas, their alma mater.

The new business school building known as Capitol Federal Hall opened its doors in May 2016. With an area of 166,500 square feet, the building breaks tradition with its new design. It is intended to be future ready and concentrates on serendipity and innovation. With 20 classrooms and a 350-seat auditorium, the building also has 25 collaborative spaces.

Global design firm Gensler incorporated input from former and current students, faculty, and staff, and even reached out to recruiting companies. The result is a building that bears semblance to space intended for startup companies and co-workers instead of libraries, student unions, laboratories, or classrooms. The aim is to foster an entrepreneurial environment offering space where people can interact and exchange ideas.

The traditional separation of faculty and students in different floors is done away with as the two parties are arranged beside each other to promote chance encounters and exchange of ideas.


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