KU’s Marie S. McCarthyHall

University of Kansas (KU) Marie S. McCarthy Hall
University of Kansas (KU) Marie S. McCarthy Hall


Kent McCarthy has supported numerous philanthropic endeavors made possible by his success at Goldman Sachs and Jayhawk Capital, the firm he founded and continues to lead. Kent McCarthy’s various charitable activities include contributing as lead donor in the construction of the University of Kansas (KU) Marie S. McCarthy Hall. The hall is named after his mother, a fellow KU alumni, who graduated in 1951 under a math scholarship–a rare occurrence for a woman in those days.

Using private money, the hall was built at a cost of $11.2 million and opened in 2015. It is located near Allen Fieldhouse, south of Hogland Ballpark. A three-story housing facility, it is home to KU’s 16-man varsity basketball team as well as 21 other non-athlete male upperclassmen.

The facility is made up of four-bedroom/two-bath and two-bedroom/two-bath apartments. Every apartment features a living room, a full kitchen, and a dining room. An extra apartment is intended for visiting family members or recruits.

Tailored to house tall individuals, the hall has high countertops, tall doorways and extra-high ceilings. Shower heads are attached 9 feet above the floor which makes the place ideal even for 7-footers.

Seen through huge glass windows and located next to the lobby is a half-basketball court with wooden floors.


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