Applied Portfolio Management Class Helps Jayhawks Learn to Invest

Applied Portfolio Management pic
Applied Portfolio Management pic
Applied Portfolio Management

While he may have left Kansas to work for Goldman Sachs early in his career, Kent McCarthy has always kept his Jayhawk roots near and dear. Using his own funds, Kent McCarthy created the university’s Applied Portfolio Management class, which challenges students to oversee a real investment portfolio. He later shared some of the students’ successful strategies in a book he co-authored with Catherine Shenoy, titled “Applied Portfolio Management: How University of Kansas Students Generate Alpha to Beat the Street.”

In the Applied Portfolio Management class, McCarthy used his knowledge of the stock market to help his students make smart investment decisions with real money, allowing them to experience the ups and downs of the stock market. Together, the students generated average returns of more than 20% during the period from 1994, when the class began, until 2008, when the book was published. The NASDAQ average during this time was 9%.

In McCarthy and Shenoy’s book, they share the class’ secrets with the public. For more information, see


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