About Kent McCarthy

After receiving his MBA from Stanford University, Kent McCarthy spent a decade working for Goldman Sachs in New York and San Francisco, where he became the top producer in the Private Client Services division and served on the Stone Street Investment Committee, which manages investments made by top Goldman Sachs employees. After retiring from Goldman Sachs, Kent McCarthy founded the alternative investment management company Jayhawk Capital Management LLP, for which he is the President and Chief Investment Officer.

Kent McCarthy took a sabbatical from Goldman Sachs in 1988 and started the Applied Portfolio Management course at the University of Kansas School of Business. In 1993, McCarthy funded the course with a $250,000 donation and began teaching full-time at the school and, in 1995, was honored with the Henry Bubb Award for Outstanding Teacher at the School of Business. Today, Kent McCarthy continues to work within the program as a supervisor and lecturer, and he has donated over $1,000,000 to the program since its inception. He has also taught a number of times at the CIMBA MBA program campus in Asolo, Italy. Kent McCarthy co-authored the highly successful book Applied Portfolio Management: How University of Kansas Students Generate Alpha to Beat the Street, which gives readers access to the materials and information used in his courses, with the goal of enabling them to maximize portfolio returns.

McCarthy remains active at the University of Kansas in a variety of ways, including as a member of the University of Kansas School of Business Board of Advisers and the Edwards Campus Advisory Board. He is also a lifetime member of the Chancellor’s Club and was awarded one of the two annual spots on the University of Kansas Business School’s list of Distinguished Alumni in 2004. His significant contributions are also on display at the McCarthy Family Clubhouse at Hoglund Ballpark, the Fieldhouse Apartments in honor of his mother, Marie S. McCarthy, and at the McCarthy APM Finance Lab in the new School of Business building.

Kent McCarthy and his wife Missy have also contributed to many other causes, including: Chinese charities promoting adoption and funding heart surgeries; Stanford Business School; Brock Wilkerson Memorial Cancer Research Fund to support early detection and research into lung cancer in non- smokers; Bill Self Assists Foundation to help provide young people access to better lives; and Foundation for Inclusive Religious Education to provide funding for special education teachers in Catholic schools.


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